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A quick Google search or YouTube video can make any homeowner feel like they can be an amateur contractor and tackle a home renovation project. For the handiest homeowner some projects are DIY-ready, while others call for the professional touch of a contractor. Here’s our best advice on when to DIY and when to hire a contractor.


There are some easy home improvements you can do yourself or as a family.


There are few upgrades you can make to your home that will have as dramatic an impact as a fresh coat of paint. It is not always fast to paint if you are an amateur. And it can be difficult to paint straight edges around trim and ceilings. However, painters tape and patience will help you along the way.

Laminate Flooring

Harwood, tile, and carpet floors should be left to professionals. But laminate floors which snap together can be done in a day and require only the simple use of a tape measure, saw, and hammer. It’s a great way to transform a basement room into a more family-friendly space.


Replace old cabinet handles and pulls and doorknobs with a screwdriver and a trip to your local home improvement store. It’s a quick and easy upgrade.

Hire a Contractor

A professional contractor is going to cost more than if you DIY. However, for more difficult and dangerous projects a contractor is always your best option.

Plumbing and Electrical

Paying a professional to do the job right will save you headaches down the road. Imagine small problems like leaks and blown fuses. And then imagine the worst case—flooding and electrical fires. Leave this technical work to professionals who have years of training, certifications, and insurance.

Cabinets, Floors, Countertops

Any major project should be left to a professional. Cabinets need to be leveled and securely adjusted to walls. Countertops are incredibly costly and should be handled with the utmost care to prevent damage or improper installation. And tile and hardwood floor installations are an intricate process.

Major Structural Changes

This one should be obvious. Anytime you’re removing a wall, moving structures, or making an addition to your home, a professional should be hired.

Diamond Hill Builders has years of experience building and renovating homes on the New Hampshire Seacoast. Before you begin your next project, contact us and we’re happy to work with you to discuss when to DIY and when to hire a contractor.

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