Beyond being professional deck builders, Diamond Hill Builders is also highly experienced in patio construction crafted to hold up to our harsh New Hampshire winters. Patios provide an “outdoor floor” for your outdoor living space. Patios are solid surfaces, typically built of stone or concrete, that are sloped to allow water to flow and drain off into your yard. They are not physically attached to your house, and in most cases do not require city permits or inspections. Patios can be excavated and built at ground level, or base material can be added and compacted to raise them feet off the ground. When raised, there is typically a retaining wall holding up the outside edge and steps leading down to your yard.

Patios are extremely durable and resistant to the elements on their own, with no additional sealers or treatments necessary. There are however sealers available to make the construction shinier or make the stone even more durable. Typically, the only maintenance need for a patio is to occasionally sweep more sand into the joints, but even that can be eliminated by using a Polymeric Sand. Poly sand contains a glue element which bonds it permanently in the joints.

Factors To Consider When Considering A Patio VS A Deck

  1. Capacity: How much weight will the deck need to hold? A deck can be reinforced to hold hottub, but might not be the look you
  2. Climate: Will the deck become too hot to walk on? Will snow and rain runoff create a problem on a solid patio surface?
  3. Natural Terrain/ Site: Rough, sloping terrain almost always dictates a deck. Is a homeowner willing to pay for the extra excavation to provide a patio surface?




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