Over the years, Diamond Hill Builders has gained an outstanding reputation throughout southern New Hampshire and Maine for its quality deck construction. Recently, Diamond Hill Builders was invited by Azek as 1 of the 12 preferred contractors in the United States to be part of the Contractor Council Board to establish deck construction standards. Our deck construction team really is excellent at what they and we continue to work hard at getting “better” by learning about new materials and techniques that will improve our deck building standards. Diamond Hill Builders is not just a deck installation company. We help design structures that add comfort and improve the quality of living outdoors. We assure you that the deck we build you will look great for years to come and likely make your neighbors jealous.

Wood VS Capped Composite Deck Construction

We have successfully completed hundreds of wood and capped composite deck projects over the years. Our beautiful, unique and highly durable decks are what have made us a success with local homeowners. We believe that what sets us apart from other deck builders in the region is our superior attention to detail and knowledge of ground breaking materials.

When the conversation comes to the question of what materials to use, it comes down to one question: wood or composite? First, it is important to stress that all decks use some form of pressure treated or other treated lumber for the framing, which is the structural part of the deck. The decision process for determining whether to use wood or capped composite decking usually just involves the materials that will make up the decking surface and railings.

Cost is a concern for everyone regardless of having a budget. Depending on the deck material you choose, the total installation cost including materials, permit, labor and haul away for a basic timber deck that measures 12 by 16 with one set of stairs with railings and not more than 2 feet off the ground could range from $4,500 – $12,500.

Although the initial installation price for a composite deck is significantly more than wood, the actual cost over time works much more in favor of using composite.  This is because wood decks require more maintenance.  If you’re willing to do the annual resealing and repairs yourself, a wood deck will remain the more cost effective option, but if you’re going to hire someone then it would be worthwhile to factor those future costs into your decision before installing your new deck.

Things to consider for your new deck:

What do you plan on using your deck for – sunbathing, bbq, lounging, installing a hot tub? How big do you want it to be? What material would you like it to be built out of? What’s your budget range for the project? Do you want special features, such as arbors, water features, special lighting or enclosures?

*Once these questions have been answered, you will have made your first steps toward working with us to turn your dreams into a reality. If you have any ideas, we want to hear them and would love to work with them!




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