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Dust, debris, early mornings, dumpsters, air compressors, and hammers are all part of a home renovation. Most homeowners live in their home throughout the renovation process. We want to share our best tips on how to live in your home during a renovation.

Clean Regularly

The Diamond Hill Builders team will clean up our work on a daily basis and won’t leave a pile of trash for you to deal with. But you also need to stick to a cleaning routine. Worksites are dusty and it easy for clutter to pile up quickly. If you spend a few minutes each day your house will remain as clean as possible until the job is done.

Close Doors

Make it a regular habit to close any doors behind you as you move throughout the house. This keeps dust contained to work areas. Additionally, our team will help tape off spaces with plastic sheeting where there are no doors to keep any work-related dust in those spaces.

Separate Out Everyday Items

Furniture, valuables, and breakable items should be placed out of the way or in storage to protect them. Go into your renovation with the expectation you won’t be able to use those items until the work is complete. Plan ahead and think about what you really need on a daily basis to live and work—computer, TV, dresser, etc. As you’re sorting, it’s also a good opportunity to think about downsizing or upgrading furniture and accessories.

Plan for Your Basic Needs

If you’re renovating a master bathroom you should prepare to share the guest bathroom with the family for a few weeks. A kitchen renovation means cooking on the grill and sampling takeout from your favorite local restaurants. While these are short-term inconveniences, once the renovation is completed you’ll have spectacular new spaces you’ll love for years to come.

Diamond Hill Builders is the Seacoast’s leading home renovation company. We’ll work with you and your family on how to live in your home during a renovation as we upgrade your kitchen, bathroom, or living spaces. Contact us for a free quote today. 

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