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The time has come to finish your basement. Start sort through those boxes of junk. Throw away the broken down exercise bike. Recycle your grown children’s fifth grade report card. And start thinking of what you can use that space for.

Define Your Spaces

Depending on the size of your house and the size of your basement, the possibilities are endless. You may just want to build another living space for the family to crash every Sunday during the football season. Or it could be a craft room to keep your sewing machine and rolls of fabric. Perhaps it’s an updated laundry space where you can easily wash and clean your family’s dirty clothes. Or maybe it’s a guest bedroom for when company visits during the holidays. And, of course, it can be all of the above if your space allows.

Pick Your Finishes

Just because you’re renovating a basement it doesn’t mean you should skimp on your finishes. But think about what the space is being used for. If you have walk-out access to a backyard or pool, you probably don’t want dirty and wet feet coming inside to a carpeted area. And nothing says you can install a feature wall, upgraded lighting, and new fixtures and handles throughout your renovated space. A finished basement should feel like an extension of the other updated areas of your home.

Storage Possibilities

Most home’s plumbing and heating systems are tucked away in the corner of a basement. As you’re thinking about how you want to finish your space, an extra closet with shelves or storage nooks built around a furnace and hot water tank is a great idea. No home has ever had too much storage space.

Don’t Forget a Bathroom

A finished basement is not complete without a finished bathroom; especially if your’e adding a bedroom to this space. As part of your design and planning process you want to take into account where plumbing is located and work around that to keep your costs and timeframe as manageable as possible.

Throughout the New Hampshire Seacoast and in Exeter, Portsmouth, Kensington, and Stratham we design and finish basements into beautiful living spaces. Contact us for a free quote and to get your project started today!

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