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With the holidays right around the corner and plans being made to host parties, dinners, and family over the next couple of months is your dining room ready or in need of a renovation? Often overlooked in favor of kitchen upgrades and living rooms renovations, the dining room is the space where you eventually settle down to enjoy Thanksgiving turkey and that extra glass of eggnog. Let’s dive into some of the details to consider while planning for a new dining room. 

Should I Go Open Concept?

Open concept kitchens, dining rooms, and living rooms are all the rage today but if you own an older home it’s likely each space is separate. Most homes can be renovated to open your space up, but consider the costs. Existing walls may be load bearing and removing them will require beams, posts, and other structural changes which may run your price tag higher. If you do decide to go open concept, making smart design choices to help define each space is important. Wall colors, furniture, carpets, and accent pieces will make your open concept floor plan shine.

Lighting Features

In dining rooms, a chandelier over the table can be the centerpiece of your renovation. Whether it’s something ultra-modern to fit with the aesthetic of your home or a more traditional piece, a show-stopping chandelier will get everyone talking. But not to be overlooked are smaller details like accent lighting, dimmer switches, and windows which will all help make the room feel warmer and welcoming.

Functionality and Flow

The functionality of the dining room is a mixture of both how it is constructed as well as what design features are incorporated into the finished product. An oversized table in a small room won’t work. Nor will a built-in cabinet that opens into an entryway blocking people from entering and exiting the room. Before you begin construction, talk with your designer and really think through what you want your finished project to look like and how you want it to work. It’s going to pay off in the long-term.

Throughout the New Hampshire Seacoast and in Exeter, Portsmouth, Kensington, and Stratham we work with homeowners on home and dining room renovations regularly. Contact us for a free quote and to get your project started today!

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