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If you’re considering a home renovation project, you may be tempted to hold off until spring. But don’t assume you must wait for warmer weather to hire a contractor in New Hampshire! In fact, there are numerous benefits to starting renovations during the winter months. Read on to learn why you shouldn’t wait to get your project underway.

Are Wintertime Renovations Possible?

Yes, renovation projects can occur in winter. You probably can’t do a project that requires pouring concrete in the winter, and new roof installations are best left until the ice and snow melts. But any sort of interior project can be done while it’s cold out. For example:

  • Kitchen renovations
  • Finishing a basement or attic
  • Bathroom remodels
  • Laundry room makeovers

The winter is a great time to complete special projects like creating a home theater room or finishing an attic space for a gaming loft.

Pros of Wintertime Renovations

If you’ve ever hired a reputable contractor, you know they stay busy and may not be available on your desired timeline. That’s what makes wintertime projects so attractive. It’s not always the case, but many contractors’ schedules are more flexible when it’s cold out. While no contractor can guarantee availability, the warmer seasons tend to be busier, meaning winter is a good time to plan a project.

Unlike summer, winter also may work better with your family’s schedule. For example, your kids may be at home in the summer months and an interior renovation project would disrupt their schedules. In the winter, kids are generally in school so having a contractor working in your home for a few days wouldn’t cause the same level of disruption.

Finally, if you’re doing a renovation project in anticipation of selling your home, getting it done in the winter means your home will be ready to hit the spring sales frenzy. You’ll beat other sellers to market since the work has already been completed.

Cons of Winter Renovations

While wintertime construction projects have benefits, there are drawbacks. First, you’ll need to ensure workers have access to your home so shoveling snow from your driveway may be necessary. There are also fewer hours of daylight which may lessen the time crews can spend working at your home. This could potentially extend the project timeline.

Additionally, since it’s a slower time of year for builders, some materials may take longer to acquire. That’s not always the case, but supplier delays do occur and contractors generally have no control over this variable.

Schedule Your Renovation Today

Don’t put off your home renovation project just because it’s winter. Contact us and let us determine if the project is feasible or if it should wait until spring. We would love to help you create your dream home, so let’s get started. Request a free quote today!

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