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Add Warmth to Modern Homes with Traditional Wood Walls

Wood interior walls bring nature inside your home, adding a warmth few can emulate.

The stylish appearance and attractive grains were once commonplace in New England homes. But as increasingly inexpensive products came into the market, home builders reduced the cost of new construction with modern materials. Today, interior décor is trending back to wooden walls as working families embrace a renewed coziness. These are ways everyday people are giving their homes a wooden wall makeover.

Wooden Wall Paneling Opportunities

Wall paneling from the 1970s earned something of a tacky reputation. In the 21st Century, manufacturers are creating some of the most eye-catching natural wood panel products. The 4-foot by 8-foot sections also reduce labor costs, making them a darling for families on a budget. These are wood paneling options worth considering.

  • Shiplap Wood Paneling: This product uses overlapping rabbit grooves that allow each section to tightly interlock with the next. The boards possess stylish single grooves that create a pattern either vertically or horizontally.
  • Tongue-and-Groove Paneling: A close cousin of shiplap, tongue-and-groove also comes in interlocking sections. The key difference stems from this material presenting refined lines that repeat more frequently. Tongue-and-groove remains a popular choice for living room makeovers.
  • Beadboard Paneling: Sometimes installed waist high with molding and millwork as “wainscot,” this material provides an attractive option in formal dining rooms. When deployed at full 8-foot heights, it can serve as an appealing alternative to paint and wallpaper.

Homeowners also enjoy a variety of timber types that include pine, birch, and white or red oak. Selecting a type of wood changes the grain patterns, hues, and finish after it has been stained and given a protective coating.

Wood Plank Boards Offer Diverse Choices

Plank board walls have a long-standing tradition in New England, harkening back to the Colonial era. Unlike paneling, boards typically run horizontally and abutting boards break up the otherwise singular lines. Lumber mills continue to produce simple boards that reflect yesteryear interior designs. However, homeowners also have a wide array of plank board options to consider.

  • Reclaimed Wood: Repurposed materials have been trending high in recent years for two basic reasons. Reclaimed materials are considered environmentally sustainable as they don’t go to waste. The other reason is that aging has occurred and that deepens the grains, making them increasingly fetching. Reclaimed wood is often installed with various tones and can be creatively employed in patterns.
  • Pine Over Paint: Not every homeowner wants to go all-in on wooden walls. One way to integrate wood into a room with a color you like is to run stained boards over it. This interior décor strategy provides a best-of-both-worlds appearance that also involves textured layering.
  • Wallet Boards: It may sound counterintuitive to apply ordinary pallet slats to your walls, but the strategy has been well received. Some pallet wood is repurposed while others are coming directly from mills. The lightweight material adopts preferred stains quite well and the shorter runs create a robust ambiance.

There are seemingly endless wood wall options and homeowners have a rare opportunity to get creative. If you are interested in an interior design home improvement, contact Diamond Hill Builders at our Exeter, N.H. offices.

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