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4 Remodels to Take On This Winter

You may have heard that summer is the most popular time to complete home improvement and home remodel projects – and it’s true. Summer is a busy time of year for basically all contractors. In fact, hiring a contractor in summer can be a challenge, because the best ones book up so quickly!

Many homeowners don’t know that winter is also a great time of year to hire a professional to finish home improvements and home upgrades. Below are several renovation projects your contractor can work on this winter.

1. Kitchen Remodel

Remodeling your kitchen adds value to your home and makes cooking so much fun! Whether your kitchen is dated, too small, or just poorly laid out, a good remodel can improve your kitchen in a big way. Some tips:

  • Replace your appliances with ENERGY STAR-rated products to ensure maximum energy efficiency.
  • Consider engineered stone countertops for the look of natural stone without the maintenance.
  • Save money by refinishing wooden cabinets instead of replacing them.

Know your goals when starting your remodel. Having goals in mind will help you and your contractor decide which changes take priority and which changes can be set aside if your budget won’t allow it.

2. Bathroom Remodel

Turn that old bathroom into a spa-like environment with the right changes. Replace your alcove bathtub with a new, spacious freestanding bathtub.

Make luxury changes like the installation of heated flooring and a towel warmer. Install custom or semi-custom cabinets to get the bathroom clutter off your countertops, making your bathroom look tidier and less cramped.

3. Interior Painting

Nothing freshens up your indoor spaces like a fresh coat of paint. Hire a professional to get the work done quickly and efficiently. Some tips:

  • Paint neutrals on walls of common areas like the living room, dining room, and kitchen.
  • Paint bolder colors in parts of the house that are private, like the bedroom and home office.
  • Don’t be afraid to combine wallpaper and paint into one space. Bold, patterned wallpaper is making a comeback – especially when applied to accent walls.

4. Deck Construction

Many homeowners assume that outdoor remodeling is unrealistic in winter. In reality, there are very few remodels and home improvement projects that can’t happen at colder times of the year. Weather can play a role in outdoor remodeling but rarely stops work from taking place. Work with your contractor to find the best time to remodel your outdoor spaces.

Performing deck construction in winter can help ensure that you’ll be ready for a fun summer of entertaining guests and spending time outdoors with family. Talk to your contractor about composite decking material instead of wood decking materials: composite lasts longer and needs little maintenance over the years.

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