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Environmentally Sustainable Roof Replacement Options Worth Considering

New Englanders largely agree that we have a responsibility to utilize sustainable products to ensure future generations inherit a clean environment. Advancements in roof material manufacturing have created opportunities for everyday people to select green-friendly products. At Diamond Hill Builders in Exeter, N.H., we support the use of renewable roofing systems.

What Makes A Roofing Product Sustainable?

Although every product used in home and commercial building construction has some impact on the environment, green materials minimize that effect while providing a quantifiable impact. An eco-friendly roofing product must provide a positive benefit that involves the following.

  • Energy Efficiency: Sustainable roofing materials reduce heating and cooling losses to minimize the resources used to maintain home building temperatures.
  • Longevity: Products and roofing systems with longer life expectancies prolong the need for replacement.
  • Emissions: The release of carbon during the total manufacturing process is a quantifiable factor used to determine a product’s eco-value.
  • Recycling: Materials that can be repurposed do not end up in landfills. They also minimize overall environmental impact.

It’s also important to select materials that do not release toxic chemicals into the natural landscape. Made-in-USA products are subject to scrutiny, but not every country is as vigilant.

Sustainable Roofing Materials to Consider

Along with doing our part to support a robust environment, the technologies used to create sustainable roofing products make them among the most attractive. Homeowners who replace damaged or outdated roofing systems with the following green products can also enhance their home’s curbside appeal.

Light-Colored Roofs

Living in the Northeast means experiencing all four seasons, and temperatures impact energy consumption. Dark shingles tend to absorb the sun’s rays and warm structures. But the benefits may not outweigh those of light roofs reflecting summer heat. Given the short winter hours of sunlight, lighter shingles generally win the day.

Solar Roofs

The idea of installing solar panels to offset using the grid has evolved. New solar panel shingles and panels can be deployed to cover entire roofs. The electricity generated from solar roofs may be enough to take your home off the grid, or very close to it. Investing in a solar roof ranks among the most sustainable opportunities, bar none.

Metal Roofs

Installing metal roofing systems has been something of a mixed bag in terms of sustainability. The mining and manufacturing process produces significant carbon emissions. But a strong case can be made that metal roofs belong in the green-friendly class.

For example, companies are recycling metals to make panels, thus eliminating the need for mining and other aspects of the manufacturing process. Metal roofs can last for 50 years or longer when adequately maintained. That level of longevity and the notion a decommissioned metal roof can be repurposed has value.

Concrete Shingles

Concrete shingles require a sturdy roof deck and support infrastructure. But companies are making dazzling products that look like clay tiles, wood shakes, and other classic roofs. The materials offer sound energy efficiency, long life spans, and they may be repurposed.

Get A Free Eco-Friendly Roof Estimate

The benefits of employing sustainable materials give property owners an opportunity to do their part for the environment while reaping the benefits of a good-looking and energy-efficient roof. Diamond Hill Builders in Exeter, N.H., offers free quotes that help homeowners make informed decisions. Contact Diamond Hill Builders today.

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