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Basement Remodeling Costs

Many people who wish to improve their living space, provide more storage or just save on energy costs turn to a basement remodel. This changes an often-neglected area of a home or business into an area that can be enjoyed by everyone.

We, at Diamond Hill Builders, are able to provide high construction services to both residents and businesses. When contacted, we will arrange for a company representative to come to your home or business, inspect the area and provide an estimate of the cost. We always recognize any budget restraints you may have and plan accordingly. The following article should help homeowners owners understand basement remodeling costs.

Advantages of a basement remodel project include:

  1. Provides a comfortable working or living space
  2. Covers ugly ventilation and water pipes
  3. Corrects any leaking water pipes
  4. Waterproofs the area
  5. Provides more light with larger windows
  6. Improves moisture levels and energy efficiency

Should you desire to go ahead with the project, we will obtain any building permits required and deliver the required materials. Our highly trained and experienced technicians will then be able to complete the job quickly and efficiently.

The remodeling costs of such as project will depend on the work desired. However, whether it involves a simple insulation or changing a basement into a room designed for a specific purpose, there can be a considerable savings in energy bills and improvement in ventilation.

A basement project will include:

  1. Building permits
  2. Insulation
  3. Building Materials
  4. Plumbing and Electricity
  5. Flooring
  6. Labor

Remodeling costs are estimated as ranging from $16,000 to $26,000, depending on what you want to have done. Insulation in the basement ceiling and walls is accomplished by bolting treated 2 x 4’s to the area and then securing plasterboard in place. The area is made waterproof with various moisture barriers and paints.

If the basement is to be changed into a living area, there are numerous design ideas that will result in a room that will bring pleasure to the entire family. This may be a family room, hobby area, playroom or have a number of delightful purposes. The addition of a toilet in the basement can be accomplished behind a false wall, which will avoid one having to go upstairs should the need arise.

Based in Stratham, New Hampshire, at Diamond Hill Builders we are dedicated to applying our expertise to any job undertaken. Whether a residence, business, big or small project, we devote our entire attention to each detail. We are especially proud of our customer satisfaction record.

Our service is available for projects along the New Hampshire sea coast and the surrounding area. We are licensed, bonded and insured and are happy to provide the expertise required to make any changes to your property that you desire.

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