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New England Garages

When you have a semi-detached garage, there’s not much you can do with it in the traditional sense. It’s not large enough for your newer model SUV. It’s not big enough for all the lawn equipment and outdoor sports accessories. Instead of wasting this space by using it haphazardly for storage, you can turn the semi-detached garage on your Cape Cod style home into more square footage for your home. With some remodeling, we can help you turn this space into something functional as well as fun.

Game Room

As your children get older, they’re inviting friends over to the house. Those friends are growing bigger too. It’s noisier when the house is full of teenagers than it was when they were five or six. If you can corral them into a game room, you’ll level off the noise in your home. They’ll be entertained with their friends, you’ll know exactly where they are and they won’t be under your feet. The game room could cater to video games on a large screen television or arcade style games for the whole family. A pool table or table tennis is a fun activity for everyone. After the kids go to bed, this could be your place to relax.

Media Room

If you’ve always wanted a media room and never had the space, consider it for the garage. With the proper wiring and seating, it’s the perfect way to add extra entertaining space to your home. You don’t have to purchase stadium or movie style seating either. You can purchase a few low couches, some bean bags or ottomans to make your own seating style that works for your family.

Home Office

Many people sacrifice a home office for an extra bedroom for the children or the ability to have a guest bedroom. Often, the home office is part of the living room or kitchen, which isn’t quiet or conducive to work. The garage will have to be wired for Internet, but it’s easy to add insulation, walls, rugs and furniture to the space. It’ll be like a home office retreat instead of an underutilized garage space.

Home Gym

The rooms on this list are most often fit into any space in the home that will accommodate them. Instead of having a home gym, people will often have a treadmill in their bedroom. This doesn’t make the room a romantic retreat. When you want to do yoga, you have to drag the mat from under the couch or out of the closet. With the right renovations, we can turn your garage into a zen-like space that’ll be like your own yoga studio.

Homework Stations

For those who might homeschool their children, or want a centralized space to oversee their studies, a room that functions as a homework hub is a great use of garages. It’ll need some modifications like wires for more than one computer and light fixtures over each station. The space will have to be heated and cooled with the changing seasons. We would be able to help you renovate the space to be a fully-functional homework hub with separate stations for each child.

Unique Spaces

Those spaces are ones that are currently hiding in unused corners of your home right now. These new uses for your garage are unique, and you might not have considered it for your unused garage space.

In-Law Apartment

Whether you have an in-law that needs an apartment or not, you can turn the garage into a small, studio apartment. While it might seem too small for that, there are ways to utilize the space in a way that creates a room that is bigger than most apartments in New York. We can create an overhead loft space for a bed, add a small bathroom and kitchenette area. With the right planning, the space is big enough for a small studio space. It could be great for the teenager attending college who needs space and privacy but isn’t ready to leave home yet.

Pet Room

If you have pets, you could give them their own room. This could also be a room that you enjoy with them, but that caters to your favorite furry companions. With built-ins, you can add a wall with water and food bowls that keep themselves perpetually filled. If you have cats, they would love a winding, climbing structure built right onto the walls. This dream room could have cat trees and cat holes anywhere you’d like to place them. It could be full of cat and dog beds as well as places for other animals. The room could be anything you imagine for your beloved family pets.

Custom Workshop

If you love to work with your hands, you can create a functional space for making projects. It doesn’t have to be a handyman’s shop for fixing up the home. The space can be full of built-in custom cabinets that house all your tools for creating custom woodworking projects, crafting projects or helping with your sideline business. The custom workshop could be a place for your hobbies too. That hobby could be painting, woodworking, custom jewelry or crafting.

That old, New England garage is underutilized space that could be holding you back from your own media room or writing retreat. These are just a few ideas of what you can do with that space instead of it being wasted

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