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Do you love spending time outdoors? If so, then you should have a backyard that’s specifically configured for comfort and easy entertainment! There are many things you can do to make your backyard a more enjoyable place to spend time.

By building or remodeling a deck, constructing a pool house, upgrading your siding, and adding a screen to your porch, you can create spaces where it’s easy to spend time outdoors with friends. Make 2022 the year that your yard becomes the entertaining center of your neighborhood! Here’s how.

Build or Remodel Your Deck

Decks can be built quickly and relatively affordably – and they raise the value of your home significantly. Years ago, decks were made from pressure-treated wood that needed to be finished and then refinished on a regular basis. Today’s decks are made from composite wood, which is a combination of resins and wood pulp. It looks almost indistinguishable from wood, but it never needs to be refinished!

One of the best things about composite wood is its flexibility. It can be made into unique shapes – like curves – which means that your deck can be built to your tastes and the architecture of your house. Before meeting with a contractor, decide which deck features are most important for you. Some features to consider:

  • Lighting for nighttime entertaining
  • Different “zones” for different activities – like cooking, dining, and relaxing
  • A shaded or sheltered area for relaxing when it’s sunny outside

Construct a Pool House

A pool house gives you somewhere to relax when you’re spending time in your backyard pool. The pool house can also be used as a guest home. When you’re constructing a pool house, be sure to work with a contractor that has home building experience.

Take a look at their portfolio to check the quality of their work. Also, check references. A pool house is not a small project, so it’s important to be sure that you’re hiring the right contractor for your needs.

Upgrade to New Siding

Old siding can fade, crack or become damaged in such a way that it can negatively impact the value of your home. Old siding can also affect the way your backyard oasis looks. Upgrading your siding to a strong, attractive, colorful siding material can make your whole backyard look different.

There are many types of siding that homeowners in New Hampshire choose for their homes. Vinyl continues to be one of the most popular siding materials available, but many homeowners now choose cement-fiber siding because of its durability and eco-friendly qualities.

Add a Screen to Your Porch

Do you dislike getting bitten by mosquitoes when you’re spending time outside on your back porch? Lots of homeowners do! Add a screen to your porch to give you a comfortable sheltered space to spend time outdoors.

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