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How to Get More Out of Your Garage

If your home has a garage, you may have thought it was good only for parking your vehicles. However, now that you’re thinking outside the box and taking a second look at this part of your home, you realize it could be used for so much more. Rather than just have your garage be the place for your vehicles or used as the catch-all area for things you rarely if ever use, here are some great renovation ideas to help you get more out of your garage.

Home Office

Whether you are like more and more people who are now working from home or just need a spot set aside for paying bills and doing other work, turning your garage into a home office is a great idea. By changing its look with new doors, windows, flooring, insulation, drywall, and maybe even a skylight for a touch of class, your garage will become a much-needed office space.

The Man Cave / She-Shed

With a busy family, it’s tough to find alone time from the kids or perhaps your significant other. If so, why not turn your garage into the “man cave” or “she-shed” you want and deserve? By adding a bathroom, cabinets for storage, a few extra electrical outlets, a mini-fridge, or even a bar area, you can have your place of respite customized in a variety of ways to reflect your unique personality.

In-Law Suite

Should you have aging parents whom you’d like to have living with you, consider turning your garage into an in-law suite, especially for them. A more extensive renovation project in most cases, this project involves not only adding new windows, flooring, and doors, but also plumbing for a bathroom and kitchen area, HVAC capabilities, and insulation.

The Outdoor “Addition”

If you are tired of watching your older garage get filled with junk and other miscellaneous stuff year after year, chart a new path forward by turning the garage into a new outdoor “addition” to your home. In doing so, you’ll have a family-oriented area of your home that can be used for entertaining and relaxation. As for what you can do, consider adding built-in shelving and a skylight for an elegant touch. Also, think about adding white rafters and lifting the ceiling, which will result in the area having a much more open and spacious look and feel. Once your home renovation company has finished the renovations, you can add a nice, big television, a grill designed for indoor use, tables and chairs, and whatever else you may want.

Home Workshop

Finally, if you like to do home projects such as woodworking or repairing this or that, get your garage renovated so that it becomes your home workshop. Add in some new lighting, electrical outlets, and storage areas for your tools and other supplies, and you’ll have a place where you can spend hour after hour completing various projects.

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By looking at your garage in a whole new light, you’ll discover the many possibilities that exist through renovation. If you’d like to learn more about renovating your garage, we encourage you to contact Diamond Hill Builders today.


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