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New Hampshire Patio Design
Enjoying the glorious summers that New Hampshire has to offer is a lot easier if you have a full-featured patio. Making a patio stand out is harder than most homeowners realize. Whether you’re building a new one or renovating an existing layout, there are many patio planning factors to consider. You’ll need to do the following to create a truly unique patio that you can be proud of.

Get the Groundwork Sorted Out

Naturally, the most important part of a patio is the actual foundation that everything else will rest on. There a number of materials that you could utilize including granite flagstones, ceramic tile and concrete pavers to name just a few. Consult with a few local contractors to get ideas about the best materials and layouts to use for your property.

Install Fencing and Shading

A slab of concrete or a patchwork of cobblestones isn’t particularly impressive in and of itself. Adding fencing for privacy or a low stone wall to create boundaries is an easy way to spruce things up. Pergolas and accent walls provide shade as well as a support system for creeping vines. Sun sails and awnings are equally easy to install.

Assemble a Furniture Collection

Considering its primary function as a relaxation space, any worthwhile patio should feature comfortable furniture. Cover the basics by getting a few Adirondack chairs and chaise lounges to start. If you want to get fancy, a bench swing anchored to the slab is a great investment. A few hammock chairs are an excellent way to flesh out your seating options.

Personalize the Creature Comforts

Once the basic structure of the patio is finalized, it’s time to work on the amenities. For nearly every homeowner, some sort of cooking area is a must. A barbecue pit or a grill set into a stone counter is a classic patio feature. Fountains, waterfalls and reflecting pools will make any outdoor lounging area more tranquil in short order.

Finish Up with Lighting & Plants

Ambient patio lighting comes in all colors and intensities thanks to the versatility of outdoor LEDs. Bulbs recessed within the patio floor paired with overhead fixtures and lanterns provide tons of flexible illumination options. Plant an array of shrubs around the patio borders and train ivy or wisteria to climb accent walls and arbors to green up the surroundings.

Great Plans Make for Great Patios

For New Hampshire residents, careful patio planning in the months leading up to spring will make the actual implementation a lot easier. Hiring an experienced patio construction outfit to assist you in the planning and execution phases is never a bad idea. If you cover these five areas when designing your patio, the results will justify the effort.

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