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Get Rid of Smelly Basements

So, you have a smelly basement…

Basements are great additions to a home. However, things may get nasty if this section is neglected. You may be taking a lot of time and effort ensuring that your house is clean and that everything is in order, but there is this musty smell that you can’t get over with. Have you checked the basement? Given that most of our home’s basements are almost entirely underground, they usually accumulate moisture. The dampened environment combined with the lack of adequate sunlight supports the growth of mildew. This is the leading contributor of the smelly odor penetrating to your living rooms. If you are thinking of getting rid of basement odor completely, there are various solutions you may consider.

Getting rid of basement mold in a dirt or concrete floor

Most old buildings have nothing more for their basement floors than just a dirt floor. This means that water vapor permeates and settles on the ground, thus promoting mildew growth and in effect, the unattractive basement odor. To completely get rid of the musty smell from such a basement, you need to install a protective layer that shields the moisture from getting to the floor surface. For this case, you may consider hiring professional mold removers and basement cleaners such as the diamond hill builders.

The case of a concrete floor may be a little more complicated; it may involve hiring expertise from the onset if the root cause of the smelly basement is to be identified. The smell may be emanating from an internally leaking plumbing line, simple cracks on the floor that allow moisture trapped underground to vaporize through. It can also be due to poor laying of the house foundation that results in accumulation of drainage water on grounds around the house before penetrating through the walls and thus resulting mildew growth. Depending on the cause of the problem, a Diamond Hill Builder’s expert will always have a permanent solution to your problem.

Other methods of mold removal

Having a moldy basement is a recipe for a smelly basement that is felt in the house’s upper rooms. If not attended to and removed in time, the mold eats through your wood flooring or any other material layering on the floor like carpets. This only serves to aggravate the musty smell and not even the fan or a dehumidifier will have a significant effect on it. The only solution in this case would be to hire a professional contractor to remove the mold and identify its origin. You may also consider basement remodeling that would include insertion of ventilation that would let in fresh air to the basement and, if possible, streaks of light.

Before settling on any form of mold removal or basement remodeling, ensure that you first consult a professional contractor. They will not only advise, but also offer technical assistance on the best method of eradicating the mold for good. They will get to the cause of the mildew growth and resolve it. Any notable contractor will also advise that proper ventilation is the only assured restructuring that would prevent mold from forming in your basement by allowing cool fresh air in and pushing the warm air upon which mildew development thrives from the basement.

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