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One of the great benefits of so many people spending the last few months working from home is that we know it’s doable. Many businesses have even discussed the possibility of operating remotely as a permanent option. While you may have chosen your dining room table or moved a desk into a spare room to use as your home office, there is a better option. Studies show that having a designated home office space leads to better productivity.

Business Does Not Mix with Pleasure

Adding a desk to the corner of the living room or bedroom is not the best solution. You need to clearly distinguish what is your office and what is your home. A guest bedroom that sits mostly unused can have dual use as your home office and there are a number of design options and furniture choices to balance function with beauty.

Use Unused Spaces

If your basement, garage, attic, or storage shed are filled with boxes and unused junk, it’s time to repurpose this valuable real estate. With a small budget, you can convert any of these spaces into a bright and functional room to use as your home office.

Build a Storage Space

No homeowner ever thinks “I have too much storage space.” If you’re going through a renovation to build a home office space, spend the time to include ample storage. A closet, some cabinets, and a few shelves will be used. And it will hide any clutter you may have.

Function and Beauty

You want your office to look nice. You’re going to be in there for multiple hours every day. Think about bright windows. And light colors. Add a nice-looking floor and throw rug. Anchor the room with an upgraded light fixture. There are many design elements you can incorporate to make your office a place you want to spend time every day.

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