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Clean Snow from Roof

Roofs are the first line of defense in protecting your home from the winter elements. In the event of heavy snowfall, you should rake snow from your roof to prevent snow accumulation from structurally damaging your home or from ice damns building up causing water damage.

Keep Vents Clear

Dryer vents at ground level should regularly be checked to ensure snow does not block them. Additionally, kitchen and bathroom vents should be monitored to allow them to properly function.

Watch for Leaks

A leak isn’t necessarily a major problems; but sometimes it is. Pay attention the moment you see a leak and trace it back to its source to fix as soon as possible. Monitor for severity, regularity, and reoccurrence. Early detection and treatment of a leak can prevent major long-term damages.

Keep Home Heated

The worst thing to come home to is a burst pipe and a flooded home. If you haven’t done so, insulate any and all exposed pipes and then be sure to keep your home heated to at least 55 – 60 degrees. In the long-term, it will save you money on energy costs, as well as major damages.

Clear Snow from Other Surfaces

Driveways, walkways, and access to your oil tank should all be regularly cleared of snow. It will keep your concrete surfaces in better shape and will keep you safe as you traverse them.

If you’re in Exeter, Portsmouth, Stratham, or elsewhere on the Seacoast we’ll work with you on maintaining your property this winter. Contact us to schedule a free consultation today.

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