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6 Surprising Uses for a Screen Porch

A screen porch in the seacoast of New Hampshire is a luxury that almost any homeowner would love to have. With the help of Diamond Hill Builders, you can get a screen porch added to your home. And, if you are wondering if you would get much use out of a screen porch, consider the following surprising uses.

1. Play Area For the Kids

Children are a blessing, but when you’re trying to get work done or get supper on the table, it can be challenging to have the kids underfoot. With a screen porch right off the kitchen, your kids can get fresh air while they play without actually being in the yard. You’ll be able to keep a watchful eye on your youngsters, they’ll be able to spread out their toys and play, and you’ll still have plenty of your own floor space to move around and get things done.

2. Meeting Room For Your Groups

Open floor plans seem to be all the rage, but they don’t really allow for privacy or quiet when you want to meet with others or have private conversations. With a screen porch, you can happily have your book club over to discuss the latest Dan Brown novel while your husband and kids enjoy watching the Patriots game in the living room.

3. Al Fresco Sleeping

A screen porch makes a refreshing change from the bedroom when you feel like sleeping outdoors but don’t want to be harassed by the mosquitos. You could have a daybed in the screen room for al fresco sleep nights, or even hang a hammock in one corner.

4. Kids Table

Holiday meals are wonderful and homey, but they are often more enjoyable for adults when the kids are relegated to their own table. Why not give adults even more privacy for adult conversations by placing the kids’ table in the screen room? They can laugh and be silly all they want, while the adults enjoy a more sophisticated dining experience inside.

5. Plant Nursery

If you love a garden, you know that New England weather can be finicky. Keep all your delicate plants safe from unpredictable wind, rain, snow and sleet by using your screen porch as a plant nursery. Diamond Hill Builders can build you a screen porch with sliding glass windows that you can close in cooler temperatures or keep open with screens in the summer.

6. Second Living Room

Your screen porch doesn’t need to be off-limits unless you’re reading a cozy mystery. Outfit it as a second living room, including another TV. Your spouse can watch their favorite show in one room while you enjoy yours in the other.

Remember, Diamond Hill Builders can add heating, cooling, and electricity to your screen porch in Exeter, NH. The sky is the limit as far as the uses you will find for this valuable and enjoyable addition to your home. Contact Diamond Hill Builders today for more ideas for your future screen porch.

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