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5 Top Kitchen Cabinet Trends for 2023

Kitchen cabinets have the greatest influence over décor and practical use of your home’s most frequented space. They determine the amount of arm’s length storage you possess, and cabinet facades are a driving force behind the aesthetic appeal of kitchens. When loved ones gather to enjoy meals or beverages in kitchens, cabinet style significantly affects comfort and mood.

Homeowners are pleased to discover that replacing outdated cabinets comes with an 80-100 percent return on investment. Given that Americans spend upwards of 400 hours in the kitchen annually, the peaceful enjoyment of the space makes the upgrade profitable. These are five top 2023 kitchen cabinet trends to consider.

1. Stained Glass Cabinets

Colorful glass doors are something of an evolution of see-through facades. Homeowners embraced the clear glass doors a few years back because they added to the open floor plan layouts that made rooms appear spacious. The drawback was that guests could see into sometimes cluttered cabinets, tasking people with keeping them neat and tidy all the time.

Stained glass cabinets offer a gentle balance that adds attractive colors and an intricate design element. Rather than visitors naturally peering into the cabinet, the eye stays on the dazzling art. The use of stained glass also adds creativity to kitchens that elevate their elegance.

2. Two-Toned Cabinets

While the use of subtle colors that play off each other won’t sunset in 2023, homeowners are expected to make some bold choices that involve contrast. The primary two-tone cabinet choices are expected to be classic black and white. Black facades with white hardware and interiors are set against white backsplashes and marble countertops. Although the two-tone approach relies on other elements, quality cabinets remain central to success.

3. Accent Cabinets

The trend to live in tiny houses and space-efficient living has truncated more than a few kitchens, or should we say “kitchenettes.” These modestly sized food preparation areas are not flush with cabinets, reducing their influence over interior design. But people with modestly-sized kitchens are taking control and inserting some personal taste. Colorful or highly stylized kitchen cabinets are veritable eye candy to kitchenettes that did not necessarily get the décor attention they deserve.

4. Natural Wood Contrasts Modern Kitchens

Hardwood kitchen cabinets never go out of style, largely because they infuse quality that manufactured products cannot. Homeowners who like modern kitchen designs are circling back to ground their spaces in nature. Oak, mahogany, walnut, maple, and Southern pine cabinets provide a counterbalance to stainless steel, aluminum, and Formica, among others. Just as hardwood flooring enhances a room with a unique ambiance, wooded cabinets are infusing kitchens with cozy comfort.

5. Stainless Steel Cabinets

Stainless steel cabinets have become a preferred choice for people with a heightened awareness of germs in our post-pandemic world. This attractive material has overwhelmingly been used for refrigerators, dishwashers, stoves, and other kitchen appliances. Knowing it resists fungal material, cleans easily, and holds its luster, stainless steel makes perfect sense for kitchen cabinets. Surprisingly, it hasn’t been trending higher in previous years.

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We hope this information about trending kitchen cabinets helps members of our community make informed decisions. If you are considering an upgrade, Diamond Hill Builders provides cost-effective solutions. Contact our Exeter, N.H. office to discuss your upcoming home improvement project today.

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