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Features to Include in Your Detached Home Office

More people work remotely now than ever before, with 42% of the U.S. labor force working from home. A home office is now an essential part of many houses, and your backyard can be the perfect place to create a focused workspace separate from your main living space. When you’re ready to plan your detached home office with Diamond Hill Builders, here are some features to consider.

1. Plumbing

You wouldn’t expect to need plumbing in a home office. Heating and cooling, yes, but plumbing? The reason you should consider this feature is that plumbing is a lot easier and less costly to integrate with a new build than to add later on. And if you plan on being in your home for a number of years, you might want to convert that home office into something else after you retire. When you have plumbing, a detached home office could be converted into a small guest house, an in-law suite, or even an art studio.

2. Sun Tunnel

A sun tunnel is a way of letting in natural light through the roof. They go by different names, like Solatube Light, sonatube light, and others but the idea is the same. Natural light comes in, and reduces the amount of electricity needed to light a space. Sun tunnels are highly effective. Many times guests might mistake the sun tunnel for an electric light fixture in the ceiling.  In New England, natural light is precious, especially in winter when it starts getting dark as early as 4 PM. A sun tunnel will add elegance and function to your detached home office.

3. Built-in Shelving

No matter what kind of work you’ll be doing in your home office, you’ll want to have plenty of shelf space to hold equipment and accessories. Since space will be limited, built-in shelving makes sense. It saves on floor space and adds lots more options for placing decorative items that will let your personality show through.

4. Deck

A deck is another feature that you might not associate with a home office. But again, if you convert the home office into another kind of use in the future, a deck will make it that much better. Plus, wouldn’t it be nice to bring your laptop outside and work for a while in the fresh New England air and sunshine without having to head back to the chaos of your main house? Diamond Hill Builders can easily add a simple and pleasing deck to your detached home office.

5. Covered Walkway

Consider how you will traverse the distance between your house and your detached home office. New England weather can be brutal and you don’t want to have to get rained or snowed on simply to go to work. A covered walkway will ensure that you and your laptop stay dry en route, and the walkway itself will keep your shoes tidy so you don’t track mud or rainwater into your detached home office.

Let your mind get creative when thinking up features for your new home office. Whatever you can conceive, chances are, Diamond Hill Builders can make it a reality. Contact us today to get started!

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