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Weathered Roof

Winters in New Hampshire provide plenty of picturesque landscapes, but they can also be brutal, especially on your roof. If heavy snowfall and ice accumulation has taken its toll on your home, now is the time to address any problems before further damage occurs. Though roofing repairs may seem like a fairly simple task for…

Snow Melt In Garage

Weathering frigid northern New England winters without a solid garage is unthinkable to savvy homeowners. While having a well-built garage to shield your cars is great, it’s just the beginning. Keeping the snow that you track in from doing serious property damage over time is a tall order. Mercifully, curtailing snow melt in your garage…

New Hampshire Patio Design

Enjoying the glorious summers that New Hampshire has to offer is a lot easier if you have a full-featured patio. Making a patio stand out is harder than most homeowners realize. Whether you’re building a new one or renovating an existing layout, there are many patio planning factors to consider. You’ll need to do the…

Get Rid of Smelly Basements

So, you have a smelly basement… Basements are great additions to a home. However, things may get nasty if this section is neglected. You may be taking a lot of time and effort ensuring that your house is clean and that everything is in order, but there is this musty smell that you can’t get…

Basement Remodeling

Over the years basements have acquired a well-deserved reputation as dank, moldy and chilly spaces in your home that leak your energy dollars into the outside air and exist primarily to store items that won’t fit elsewhere. Today, homeowners are discovering the benefits of remodeling basements to increase living space and at the same time…

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