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Weathered Roof

Winters in New Hampshire provide plenty of picturesque landscapes, but they can also be brutal, especially on your roof. If heavy snowfall and ice accumulation has taken its toll on your home, now is the time to address any problems before further damage occurs. Though roofing repairs may seem like a fairly simple task for homeowners, they can lead to unnecessary accidents and injury. A professional roofing contractor is your best bet for replacing a damaged roof or flashing caused by harsh weather conditions. By hiring a professional, you can ensure the job is done properly and avoid any water damage to your home’s interior.

Spring Is the Time to Check for Roof Damage

When warm weather arrives, it’s a good time to inspect your roof and the interior of your home. Snow and ice can lead to missing shingles, broken shingles or buckling caused by a constant freeze and thaw cycle. In addition to checking the shingles, you’ll also want to inspect the gutters and eaves. A backup of ice can lead to ice dams, which can damage shingles, gutters, eaves and eventually the insulation of your home.

After an exterior inspection, you’ll need to check the ceilings and walls of your home for possible damage. Look for any signs of paint discoloration or water stains. Pay special attention to the perimeter of the ceiling, where water damage caused by ice dams is likely to occur.

Next, you’ll want to check the attic area. Water leaks and cracks in an attic can lead to mold problems. If not resolved promptly, the mold can spread to other areas of your home and become a potential health hazard.

For homeowners unable to perform an inspection, a qualified roofing contractor can provide a detailed and reliable check for any signs of water damage.

Protect Your Home by Replacing a Damaged Roof

If your roof has suffered extensive damage, a new roof is essential. Though replacing your roof is an investment, avoiding or delaying roofing repairs can lead to additional home damage and unnecessary expenses. By contacting an experienced roofing contractor today, you can be assured the job is done right and prevent any unwanted injuries from attempting repairs on your own.

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