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Which Kitchen Countertop Material is Right for You?

Of all the changes you might make to your kitchen during a standard remodel, a countertop upgrade may be the most satisfying. Modern countertop materials come in a range of beautiful options.

The most popular materials include natural and engineered stone. Natural stone is attractive and durable, able to last for decades. Engineered stone looks like natural stone, but requires less maintenance. Which option is right for you? In this article, we’ll discuss the top four countertop materials in New Hampshire homes.


Granite comes in colors ranging from creamy white to black, and nearly all the hues in between. Granite is one of the hardest and most durable types of natural stone, which makes it a natural choice for kitchen counters. Its speckled surface adds beauty and elegance to any kitchen.

Granite is porous, so it requires regular sealing (once or twice per year) to prevent it from absorbing spilled liquids. Countertops that aren’t sealed regularly may become stained with oils and dark liquids like wine, so this is an important part of the regular care of your counters.


Soapstone is typically gray with creamy white veins, giving it an appearance that is not so different from marble. Unlike marble, soapstone is not porous and requires no sealing.

Some homeowners choose to care for their soapstone counters by oiling them periodically. This helps the counters develop a patina. Over time, with regular oiling, soapstone darkens in color to a rich, charcoal gray.


Nothing matches the beauty and sophistication of marble. Like granite, marble needs to be sealed periodically to prevent it from becoming stained. This soft, easy-to-scratch stone is not as practical as some other countertop materials, but for some homeowners, the threat of scratches and the need for regular sealing is worth it.

Marble comes in a range of colors, with creamy white being the most common. If you prefer marble countertops for your kitchen, take care to protect your counters from scratches and stains. Use hot pads to protect your counters from pots and pans. Wipe up spills as soon as they occur, and seal your counters every six months or as often as the manufacturer instructions indicate.


Engineered stone, also known as “quartz”, is made from crushed stone and resins. Because it’s man-made, quartz can be manufactured to look like nearly any stone material, including marble and granite.

People who choose quartz are usually attracted to this material because it’s indistinguishable from many natural stone types, and it requires less maintenance. Quartz never needs to be sealed or oiled, and it’s highly scratch resistant.

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