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Convert Your New England Deck into a Four-Season Space

In some areas of the country, people joke about the weather changing from day to day. In New England, we say that “if you don’t like the weather, just wait an hour.” Along with experiencing all four seasons, people in the Northeast deal with a wide range of issues that can minimize the peaceful enjoyment of outdoor space. Although decks and patios provide wonderful benefits, converting them into four-season spaces can improve your quality of life and property value.

What Challenges Do Open Decks and Patios Present?

Few would disagree that New Englanders love being outdoors, or that conditions limit their enjoyment. Backyard decks and patios provide a place to grill, gather with loved ones, and take advantage of warm sunny days and starlit evenings. But it’s also important to remain honest about the limitations of these home improvements. Consider how these real-life challenges reduce your ability to utilize decks and patios.

  • Mosquitoes: Biting insects are highly active at dusk and dawn. Their presence generally results in homeowners retreating indoors as the sun sets.
  • Rain: Weather reports indicate that New England sustains upwards of 71 days of precipitation each year. That reduces the use of unenclosed outdoor spaces by about 20 percent annually.
  • Wind: A gentle breeze feels good on a warm summer’s day. But the stiff winds of spring and autumn render relaxing outdoors uncomfortable.
  • Cold Weather: New England summers are certainly not the longest. Winters, on the other hand, seem to last. From Thanksgiving to beyond the first day of spring, spending time outdoors can be significantly limited due to frigid temperatures.

What seems almost counterintuitive is that community members invest in decks and patios to get fresh air but generally do not go the extra mile. A four-season outdoor space ranks among the best solutions.

Convert Your Decks To An All-Season Oasis

Homeowners who have already made an initial deck investment are well-positioned to affect an upgrade. Depending on the square footage available, it may be worthwhile to expand the outdoor space. If you possess a sizable or wrap-around deck, portions can be upgraded into seasonally used living areas. These are cost-effective ways you can maximize the use of a deck or patio.

  • Partitions and Screens: Relatively simple 2×4 partitions with a roof can be built directly onto an existing deck. Using a series of quality screens and plexiglass, homeowners can enjoy the fresh air and relax on comfortable furniture when mosquitoes come out or it begins to rain.
  • Greenhouse Effect: New Englanders generally love a sunny winter day and send children romping out in the snow. Adults do not last nearly as long as youngsters in frigid temperatures. Having a plexiglass roof or strategic skylights installed on an enclosed or semi-enclosed patio area allows the sunlight to deliver needed warmth. This solution also upgrades the area into the most comfortable place for breakfast or a warm beverage on an otherwise cold day.

There are a wide range of enclosed and semi-enclosed designs that can maximize your annual use of decks and patios. Property owners who require a new deck, or plan to replace an existing one, can have a custom-designed living space built to meet your quality of life desires.

Work With A New England Contractor You Can Trust

If you are tired of ducking indoors at dawn or every time the weather turns, it’s time to convert your deck or patio into a four-season space. At Diamond Hill Builders, we provide cost-effective solutions, so homeowners can enjoy the leisure space they deserve. Contact our Exeter, N.H. office to discuss your upcoming home improvement today.

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