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What to Consider When Building a Home Addition

As your family grows, it’s natural to want to add on to your existing home rather than move house. When staying in your current home is a priority, building a home addition makes good sense. It’s also a smart financial move. The more living space you add to your home, the higher the value. Even if you don’t plan to move in the near future, that added value can be gained as home equity. Just make sure you take the following considerations into account when you add on to your home.

Extra Living Space Means More HVAC Needs

Your central air conditioning and furnace were likely chosen so that they could cover the needs of your living area and not much more. After all, people don’t buy more “HVAC” than they need in the home. Your Diamond Hill Builders representative can take a look at your HVAC system to see if an upgrade is needed ahead of time. That way, you can budget accordingly.

Consider the Location of Your Plumbing

No one needs to spend more money than absolutely necessary, even on a home addition. If your addition will require any kind of plumbing, it just makes sense to locate it as near as possible to existing pipes. The fewer added plumbing lines, the better for your budget, as well as the speed of the project completion.

Consider More Upgrades

Since the building crew will already be on-site, carefully think about any other building upgrades you might like. Would a bay window in the kitchen let in more natural light than the double-hung windows you currently have? What about adding an energy-friendly light tunnel in the upstairs bathroom? Light tunnels often bring in so much light that you’ll be tempted to leave the electric bathroom light in the off position! What about extending the decking on your backyard porch area? All these little upgrades can be handled by Diamond Light Builders while we take care of your home addition.

Think Modern

Since you bought your home, a lot of modern technology has become available to make homes more comfortable. You can ask your Diamond Light Builders representative for ideas, but some include:

  • Subfloor heating
  • Smart window tinting
  • Built-in sound systems
  • Remote control sliders
  • And more…

Don’t Forget Your New Home Assessment

After your home addition is complete, with all the bells and whistles, be sure to get a new home assessment from your town hall. Having the increased value of your home on file will be convenient should you ever need or want to apply for credit based on your home’s value. You can do it later, but why wait? It’s just one more thing that you can get done and out of the way.

At Diamond Hill Builders, we’ve got you covered. We pride ourselves on taking the big picture into account while simultaneously managing every detail of our clients’ home additions. Contact us today to get started on increasing the living space in your home!

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