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Improve Your Home with an Attached Garage

A surprising number of homeowners do not consider adding an attached garage to their upgrade list. Kitchen renovation and expansive bathrooms are often on top of priority lists because they have a significant influence on the quality of life and property values. Truth be told, adding a garage can dramatically change the peaceful enjoyment of your home and increase a house’s resale value.

It’s not unusual for homeowners to operate under the assumption they cannot build an attached garage due to building regulations. The conventional thinking seems to revolve around the idea one would have been previously erected if a garage were allowable. But properties with enough distance from their neighbor’s yard typically can get approved for a building permit. Even relatively tight areas may qualify for a variance. That being said, these are reasons to consider building a garage.

Garages Are Cost-Effective Upgrades

Although construction costs vary, recent national averages peg the cost of adding a garage between $52 and $90 per square foot. That figure remains well below the cost of general home construction. The price of a single-bay or two-car garage also differs significantly. And little extras such as loft storage space, door styles, and other amenities come at a premium.

Home upgrade investment reports indicate that community members generally recoup about 65 percent of their initial investment from a garage build. The return on investment for a new bathroom hovers around that same estimate and a kitchen upgrade comes in just below that at 59 percent. Of course, designs, materials, and square footage all play a role. But if your property is among the few that possess a garage, it can attract buyers and garner offers at or above the asking price.

How Does a Garage Positively Affect Lifestyle?

New Englanders are keenly aware of the amount of rainfall, snow, and frigid temperatures we all endure. Exiting your vehicle during cold or inclement weather ranks among the least desirable things we experience. Pressing the button on a garage door opener, parking inside, and comfortably walking into your home is an absolute game-changer. These are other ways possessing an attached garage can improve your quality of life experience.

  • Use a portion of the Space as a Mudroom
  • Use the Second Parking Space for a Workshop
  • Paint or Tile the Floor and Create a Children’s Play Area
  • Soundproof a Portion for a Band Practice Room
  • Install Shelving to Expand Home Storage Capacity
  • Remodel the Interior to Entertain Guests

Employing a portion of your garage as a “man cave” or “she shed” is also an excellent use of the space. In fact, the way you enjoy this cost-effective enclosed area is almost limitless.

Work with a New England Contractor You Can Trust

If you are considering expanding your home’s footprint, an attached garage ranks among the best investments. Along with improving resale value, a garage enhances your quality of life in wide-reaching ways. At Diamond Hill Builders, we provide cost-effective solutions, so homeowners can enjoy the space they deserve. Contact our Exeter, N.H. office to discuss your upcoming home improvement today.

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