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5 Ways Adding a Veranda Improves Quality of Life

It seems every spring, New Englanders are thrilled nice weather will arrive, and we’ll get to spend more leisure time outdoors. Then the rains come, followed by intense summer heat, and we find ourselves indoors more than we’d prefer. As a New Hampshire construction company, we share your frustration. But we also offer solutions to improve the quality of life experience of our community members. Adding a veranda doesn’t just increase usable living space, it can also deliver the following benefits.

1. Verandas Increase Storage Space

A veranda is not necessarily just an open space with a roof to insulate people from rain, snow, and intense August sun. By working closely with an experienced construction company, a tremendous amount of extra storage can in integrated. Cabinets, drawers, and even a closet can be part of the layout. These storage assets are perfect for reducing indoor closet clutter or items you don’t necessarily want to carry across lush carpets.

2. Verandas Help Keep Indoor Spaces Clean

Working families go to great lengths to minimize the amount of unwelcome mess that gets tracked into their living space. Spring and fall rains come with muddy shoes. And winter snows task us with distributing salty ice-melt products on otherwise slippery stairs. The ingredients are likely to damage lustrous wood flooring. Having a mudroom where adults and children can remove shoes proves helpful. But a backyard veranda ensures boots and shoes won’t find their way indoors.

3. Verandas Help Improve Mindfulness

Too many people lead fast-paced and hectic lives that cause stress and anxiety. When life begins to overwhelm everyday people, it’s essential to find a quiet space and ground ourselves. Verandas may be the perfect place to sit quietly with our thoughts to the sounds of songbirds and gentle breezes. This fresh-air living space also creates an opportunity to practice mindful meditation or just relax with a warm morning beverage.

4. Verandas Make a Great Play Area for Children

Parents and caregivers sometimes hesitate to engage youngsters in arts and crafts projects because of the inevitable clean-up afterward. The idea of finger paint on the walls or glue drying into a pristine carpet is reason enough to put off these projects until a warm sunny day arrives. A veranda increases the number of days that kids’ projects can be conducted. They are also wonderful areas to host play dates where food, beverage, and snack cleanup are easy.

5. Verandas Increase Your Home’s Resale Value

Frugal homeowners typically want to have an idea of what the return on their investment will yield. How much resale value you earn from adding a veranda will largely depend on square footage, layout, design, and amenities. Including an outdoor kitchen, for example, usually increases the resale value considerably. With a reasonably attractive design and adequate square footage, verandas can increase resale values by 5-15 percent.

Work with the Best

If you are considering a home improvement project, a comfortable veranda can change the way you live and feel on a daily basis. Diamond Hill Builders is an award-winning remodeling company based in Exeter, NH. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and discuss your upcoming home improvement.

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