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Part of the fun of a home renovation project is selecting the design elements. While you want to make the space your own, you should also consider trends when determining the aesthetic so it doesn’t look outdated.

To help you plan the perfect home renovation, we’ve compiled a list of home design trends to look for in 2021. Use these as inspiration as you’re selecting color schemes, fixtures or decor elements.

Darker, earthy wall colors

For the past several years, designers have opted for lighter shades like gray and beige. Next year, look for walls to take on a decidedly darker tone. Jewel tones like emerald and sapphire will be popular along with earthy browns and greens. Consider this: Sherwin Williams’ 2021 Color of Year is Urbane Bronze, a warm shade that creates a calm, comfortable feeling in a room.

‘Grandmillennial’ style

You probably recognize this style even if you didn’t know it has a name. “Grandmillennial” style combines modern design with decor you might find at your grandparents’ house. Elements of cottage style — ruffles, floral prints, crocheted patters — paired with modern furniture pieces create a cozy atmosphere that doesn’t feel stuffy. Estate sales and antique stores are great places to find decor to bolster this look.

Lots of natural light

Maybe it’s because indoor plants are so popular right now, but homeowners are seeking ways to increase natural light. Using sheer or semi-opaque window treatments can achieve this, but consider going further. Floor-to-ceiling windows or a glass-in sunroom are renovation options that allow you to embrace the natural beauty of the New Hampshire coast.

Wild walls (and ceilings!)

Paint is the perennial choice for walls, but 2021 will see wallcoverings made from unique materials. Textured wallpapers, fabric coverings, wood or even living walls made from creatively arranged succulents or house plants will become the trend. Don’t be surprised to see unique wall coverings show up on ceilings, too!

Natural materials

A return to natural materials seems poised for a comeback in 2021. Instead of hard, industrial decor, designers will look for ways to soften up lines with materials made from jute, leather and ceramic House plants will remain on trend as a way to bring vibrant color to interior spaces.

Multifunctional usage

As more people work and attend school from home, spaces will need to change to accommodate. Homeowners will look for ways to use cabinetry or built-in shelving to store office supplies and files. Furniture will also need to transition into multipurpose pieces to ensure homes have space for all aspects of life in 2021.

Interior design trends change often, so if you’re considering a home renovation, pick a style with some staying power. These ideas for 2021 will help you plan your project. Let us help you get started. If you live on the New Hampshire Seacoast, including Portsmouth, Kensington, Exeter, or Stratham, contact us today for a free estimate.

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