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accent wall

Adding an accent wall—or feature wall—is a great way to spruce up an old space. With the help of an expert remodeler, you will see high impact results without a costly price tag. An accent wall is versatile. It can create drama or depth in a room. It can also highlight subtle patterns or create balance to offset other room features. In most cases, an accent wall is a welcome addition to any home and to avoid any major blunders here are some dos and don’ts to keep in my mind.

DO—Use Complimentary Colors

The pattern or color you select for your feature wall should work in conjunction with the other features and colors you have in the room. Bold and bright choices are good, but only if they don’t detract or clash with the other design elements. Don’t use bold and bright just for the sake of doing so—have a reason that works.

DON’T—Pick a Random Wall

An accent wall is meant to highlight a focal point—in a bedroom behind a headboard or in a living room behind a television. When your accent wall is different from where the room’s focal point is, it will be confusing as to where to focus your gaze. A room’s existing architecture should be the starting point when deciding where your accent wall should be located.

DO—Think Outside the Box

The ceiling is a wall, too. Have you considered using that as your accent wall? A trend we see today is adding soft colors and textures to your ceiling to make it pop while incorporating crown molding. This effect creates a separation between your ceiling and walls creating a chic look.

DON’T—Forget There’s More Than Paint

Paint is the easiest and most cost effective option for an accent wall, but don’t limit yourself. Consider wallpaper options, as well. And if your budget allows, stone, tile, or reclaimed wood can all provide a stunning effect.

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