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If you’ve been working at your dining room table for the last year, then you’re overdue to add a home office to your home. A home office addition can make working from home comfortable and sustainable as a long-term arrangement.

Although you could get away with making your home office just one more room, adding some extra features will make your space a more effective place to get work done. Below are features to consider when you’re trying to make your work-from-home arrangement more permanent.

1. Extra Outlets

Install extra outlets in your home office to ensure you’ll have plenty of places to charge your devices, plug in your computer and your multi-function printer. Calculate however many outlets you currently use in your home office set up, then add several more just to be on the safe side. Distribute the outlets around the room to ensure it’s easy to work no matter where your desk is located.

2. Exterior Door

Give yourself a door to the outside. This will give you freedom to come and go without walking through your house. An exterior door also makes it possible for clients to come see you at work without entering your personal space.

3. Built-In Office Furniture

Built-in office furniture is beautiful, durable and adds to the value of your home. Work with your contractor to construct built-in shelves and a built-in desk. This is the perfect chance to customize your desk and make it whatever you want!

4. Meeting Space

Would you like to be able to meet with clients or staff in your house? Build a meeting space where you can fit a conference table. Work with your contractor to install any built-in technology, furnishings or fixtures, like a television stand on the wall, extra outlets, or built-in speakers.

5. Waiting Area

If you will be meeting with clients in your home office, give them a waiting area where they can be comfortable. It doesn’t have to be fancy. This space only needs to be large enough to hold a couch, a chair and a table with lamp.

6. A View

Give yourself a view! Ask your contractor to design a room with a large window and a view of your yard. Your contractor can help you choose the best position for your home office, so you’ll have the best view possible.

Working From Home? Get Started with Your Addition

Before you can pick the right features for your upcoming home addition, you’ve got to pick the right contractor. Diamond Hill Builders has been in business since 2004. We’re the home remodeling experts in Exeter, NH. For more information about building a new addition on your home, call us to make an appointment for a free consultation.

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