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3 Surprising Home Remodeling Projects to Plan for Winter

New Englanders get the urge to hunker down for the long, frigid winter and put off home remodeling projects until the spring thaw. It may come as something of a surprise, but colder weather also brings opportunity. If you plan ahead, home remodeling contractors are not yet booked and you can reserve time on their schedule. There’s also less competition in terms of house-building and other outdoor carpentry projects, making your project a greater priority. That being said, these are home remodeling projects that can be completed before or after the holidays.

1. Add An Attached Garage

The headline did say “surprising,” and the idea of having an attached garage built definitely counts as outside the box. Although homeowners typically shy away from garage construction during winter, they remain an option.

To accomplish this build, it will probably be necessary to consult with a home remodeling and construction contractor by summer’s end. A slab foundation will need to be in place before the ground hardens, and temperatures won’t allow the concrete to cure properly. With a slab in place, your contractor can circle back to frame, side, shingle, and install garage doors, among other tasks. Building an attached garage during winter just takes a little planning.

2. Install Hardwood Flooring

A hardwood flooring installation typically yields a 75 percent return on investment, making it one of the more cost-effective upgrades. Solid oak floors typically last more than 100 years when properly maintained. They also add an intangible luster to rooms few other products can rival.

In terms of accomplishing a floor remodeling project over the winter, there are relatively simple ways to manage the logistics. Some working families schedule hardwood flooring installation 4-6 months in advance, knowing they’ll be on vacation. Family members sometimes tweak their schedules and drop off children at school while flooring technicians are on the job. Experienced construction firms clean up at the end of the day to make life convenient for families.

3. Convert a Porch Into a Sunroom

When the days get shorter and we experience less sunshine, New Englanders tend to feel sluggish. Relaxing on a deck, patio, or porch is simply off the table when temperatures drop below freezing as ice and snow impact everyday life. That underused porch could turn the winter hibernation feeling around. By enclosing the space and installing large adjustable windows with screens, insulated walls, upgraded flooring, heating, and a new ceiling, a six-month porch becomes a four-season haven.

In terms of scheduling a sunroom remodel over the winter, few projects are as convenient for homeowners. The construction crew makes the necessary changes outside the home without significantly impacting your daily schedule. The sooner property owners schedule a sunroom remodeling project, the sooner it will get completed. Sitting on your porch watching the snow fall without needing to wear a parka is a priceless feeling.

Contact a Trusted Contractor for Winter Remodeling Projects

We hope this information about winter remodeling options helps members of our community make informed decisions. If you are considering an upgrade, Diamond Hill Builders provides cost-effective solutions. Contact our Exeter, N.H. office to discuss your upcoming home improvement project today.

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