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Buying or building a house is a major commitment. Starting, or expanding, a family is an even bigger one. How do you balance designing a home for your growing family while only two or three people are currently living in it? Here are our best tips to balance your comfort now with function for when your family expands.

Be Flexible and Be Realistic

Think seriously what you want a space to be used for. A home office is a necessity if you work from home—but how often will that room be used outside your Monday through Friday, 9—5 workday? That space can double as a guest room with the addition of a built-in Murphy bed. Chances are your guests are visiting on weekends when you won’t be working. Rather than dedicating two separate rooms which remain unused for significant periods of time, you can combine spaces to maximize your square footage.

Think Ahead

While your kids are young, a playroom makes complete sense. But what is that space used for when they grow up and leave the house? An art studio, library, or workout room are all possibilities. When designing your home try to think about what your life is like now and what your life will be like in another ten years. You’ll be thankful for the foresight.

Plan for the Unknown

Surprise you’re having twins! It’s a good thing you have a guest room, den, or office space because now you can turn that space into another nursery or bedroom for your growing family. A little bit of extra space in your home design goes a long way.

Build Extra Storage Space

A larger family means there will be more “stuff” in your home that needs a home. When designing a home, think about adding storage in unused places—the garage, underneath your stairs, a basement, a mudroom, and in larger closets. The more storage space you have to give “stuff” a home, the less cluttered your home will feel as your family expands.

Design for Aging in Place

A forever home today can be your forever home tomorrow. Not only should you plan for how your kids will use the home from the time they are babies through their teens, but you should also consider how you will grow and age with the home. Think of things like wide hallways for strollers and wheelchairs, a first floor master suite that doesn’t require stairs, and a “beach” entrance your master shower where no step is required. Planning ahead now can pay dividends in the long run.

As you’re designing a home for your growing family have fun with the process. Work the professionals at Diamond Hill Builders throughout the process so you end up with the family home of your dreams. If you live in Exeter, Stratham, Portsmouth, or elsewhere on the New Hampshire Seacoast contact us for a free quote today. 


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