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It’s no secret that kitchens and baths sell homes. So if you’re considering putting your home on the market, a bathroom remodel should be at the top of your to-do list.

Today’s homeowners want more than just a master bath, a family bath, and a powder room. They want spa-like retreats. They want custom fixtures. They want luxury and sophistication and function all rolled into one.

And if you give it to them, they’ll pay more for your home. Most bathroom remodels see a 60-65 percent return on investment at sale.

So what should you include? Consider these ideas to get the most from your investment.

1. Maximize Shelf Space

Space comes at a premium in many bathrooms so look for creative ways to maximize shelf space. That way, home buyers will quickly see they have a place for everything. When designing the bathroom, seek out cabinets and shelves to neatly stow towels, washcloths, bottles, and more.

2. Install a Statement Tub

Don’t opt for the standard, run-of-the-mill fiberglass tub. Think grander. Undermount tubs are in high demand as are Japanese Ofuro soaking tubs. Classic clawfoot tubs are always popular, or stick with the freestanding theme but select a more modern tub with sleeker lines. Corner jetted tubs are preferred by many as an alternative to an outdoor hot tub.

3. Go Au Natural

Maybe it’s due to their calming influence, but today’s trends include using natural materials as much as possible in bathrooms. Think light blonde wood cabinetry and limestone flooring for a zen-like space. Surround the tub with loose pebbles instead of tile. Make an accent wall of stone to ground the space and make contemporary fixtures feel warmer.

4. Let the Light In

Don’t underestimate the importance of natural light in a bathroom. If your bath doesn’t have windows, talk with your contractor to see if they can be installed. Frosted glass tiles allow for privacy without blocking the sun entirely. The natural light will reflect off of glass and metal fixtures, making your bathroom sparkle.

5. Create an Oasis

When you’re renovating a bath to prepare your home for sale, you’re creating an ideal for potential buyers. You want them to feel transported to a luxurious retreat the moment they step into the room. Consider a white-on-white color scheme, waterfall showerheads, stunning chandeliers, and crisp, clean lines that exude indulgence.

Ready to tackle your bathroom renovation?

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